3D-Soccer Simulation

In 3D soccer simulation league 11 vs 11 simulated Nao robots play soccer on a field that has the size of a real soccer field compared to the size of the robots. Physical properties like gravity, inertia are simulated as well as sensors and actuators including typical noise. Each robot has its own local view on the world and is controlled by a separate autonomous program.

The strength and scientific interest of this league is to provide a testbed for cooperative problem solving and autonomous learning of the robots without the cost and wear and tear of real hardware leagues.


FC Portugal, Universities of Aveiro/Minho/Porto (Portugal)
magmaOffenburg, Hochschule Offenburg (Germany)


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Final Results

Final results of this league

League Chairs

Prof. Dr. Klaus Dorer (Offenburg University)
Stefan Glaser (Offenburg University)