Informationen zur WM 2015 in Hefei

Alle Teams, die sich für China qualifiziert haben, erhalten alle relevanten Informationen direkt von Dr. Martin Bader, der im deutschen Regionalkomitee hierfür zuständig ist.

Von den Organisatoren der Weltmeisterschaft in Hefei vom 17. bis 23. Juli 2015 gibt es derzeit folgende Informationen.

1. RoboCupJunior Dance allows a maximum number of 2 dancers at any one
time on the stage with all emphasis on the robots. The dancers on the
stage are strongly encouraged to have some interaction(s) with the
robots. Also the dance floor size is planned to be 4 by 3 m for robots
and 5 by 4 m for people. The final stage size will be announced in April.

2. Maximum team size is 6 members for Rescue, Soccer and Cospace, and 8
members for Dance.

3. There is a new requirement for participants of RoboCupJunior 2015,
Hefei, China to be a minimum age of 10 in 2015. This means: all members
of a primary team have to be between 10 to 14 year old; any member of a
secondary team has to be between 15 to 19 year old. Age as on 1st July
in the year of the competition. Any enquires should be directed to
Gerard Elias, the General Chair of RoboCupJunior 2015.

4. Every team member need to carry out a technical role for the team
(robot design and construction, sensors and actuators, programming,
etc.), this should be identified at the registration. The actual
categories will be announced before the registration opens. In
addition, each member is expected to explain his/her technical role and
should be able to answer any questions at the technical judging.